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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Abreu Odds Take a Hit

Save for our Amish readers, by now you are familiar with the rampant speculation about a Cards trade for Philly's Bobby Abreu. Flipping through the trade rumors/news sites today, I stumbled upon this bit of interesting news at Matthew Cerrone's MetsBlog. Cerrone, whose hot stove reporting is connected with MLB sources, postulates that Abreu may well be off the market given Philly's trade of Jim Thome. He reasons that a primary motivation for moving Abreu, despite his low approval ratings from the team's blue collar fan base, was to open a spot in the OF for NL Rookie of the Year (and Missouri native) Ryan Howard. Abreu does also have a no-trade clause in his contract, not the biggest of hurdles, but an obstacle nevertheless. Something's in the works inside the Cards' front office, but an Abreu trade seems more and more unlikely.
Shane Victorino is why I still think the deal could go down. Last year in AAA he hit .377/.534/.310 and stole 17 bases and hit 16 triples, and 18 homeruns. With that type of power and speed, he's going to be a cheaper, and less effective version of the same player they would be trading in Abreu

The Phils may feel he is MLB ready and want to unload some payroll to sign a closer and fill in any other needs they have.
that's a pretty good point. I think they're under pressure for some decent starters though, and Marquis does not fit that bill and Reyes, while having the potential, is not ready for a team that is unofficially required to compete with the Mets and Braves year in and year out. Again, those two could be trade chips for the Phils though, but seems a little risky. Gillick's a dealer, but he doesn't seem to have a history of Rube Goldberg type manuvers.
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