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Tuesday, October 04, 2005



8-0! (8-5 final) Reggie hits GS! Edmonds a triple away from the cycle. Jake Peavy, a good young pitcher that had most Cards bloggers frightened, is chased before 5! Yeah, I'd say this is a pretty good team, but there are 10 more wins to go. Screw humility. D'oh! Spoke too soon, but a little bullpen slop was easily absorbed, and that GS was pretty damn exciting.
You spoke too soon. 5 runs by the relievers. Yeah, I'd say that qualifies as a problem. But, dammit, a win is a win.
yeah, but you gotta get those young guys some time in the playoffs.

of course, my stomach gurggled a bit through the Ninth...
just win, baby.

white sox beating the red sox in chicago. how great an all-midwest world series would be ...
especially a STL vs Chicago WS...and it's the WHITE SOX as the city's rep there and not the Cubs!
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