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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sunday Afternoon Comin' Down

That was a hard loss to take, because it didn't have to be a loss. We nearly beat them, and there were clear rays of hope. How about Mabry, nothing all season, and a huge double into left off Lidge? It was the Cardinals first ever run off the Astros' closer. Clemens was off, and if we have to face him again, I feel pretty darn good about it. Jeez, the Fox broadcasters kept going on and on about Clemens' mother. OK, Fox we get it. He was close to his mother this year, and she passes away. It happens to people everyday, and I don't need a 20 minute lesson in greif from Bob Brenley and Tom Thumb. We're watching a baseball game here. Fox wants to turn everything into the SuperBowl. Last year, I muted the TV and turned KMOX on to listen to the broadcast. Time to start doing that again. A win today ties it. I agree with Boros, it's anybody's at that point.
I have a very hard time listening to the announcers on TV or radio. I live in Hawai`i, so KMOX is out of the question. The hagiography of Clemens, the tales of his mother's predictions of the world series, the endless fawning over the Astros, coupled with remarks like "maybe Sanders wouldn't have been able to hit Clemens, anyway," are utterly annoying. My nearest neighbor is also a huge Cards fan, and she's even more annoyed than I!
I'm buying the gameday audio pass next season with them leaving KMOX.

anyway, nice blog! Go Cards!

We gotta believe and have faith!
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