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Thursday, October 20, 2005


So It Goes

I'm handling it all pretty well right now. I think Pujols' home run and the general celebration around Larry Walker, Busch Stadium, and the team itself has made the coping process much easier. Here are a few quick thoughts on it:

Anyway, I don't have a lot of energy for the blame game...yet. And it is worth noting that this was an enjoyable season, having a blog really added to it. In fact, being a part of the Cards' blog community is great, the best fans in baseball=best bloggers in baseball. Well, no force of history can wipe out a Diaspora. We'll always be here (sometime before this winter we'll be migrating, it is what a Diaspora does, away from Blogger), so keep taking time out of your work day to swing by.

boo hoo.....so your cards got beat by Backe....let me tell u something son.....theres a reason he's an Astro...he can pitch....so stop ur bellyaching and cheer for the team that knocked ya'll out..haha
Go Sox. . . I've heard enough about Roger Clemens and his mom, and I still think Lamb's slide was a cheeep shot. Thanks for the good work, Ryan. Looking forward to your offseason musings.
There's a reason Backe's an Astro? Ooh, I know! It's because he's another inbred redneck, right?!
I just hope Matt Morris remains a Cardinal.
Go White Sox! There's a reason Roger's "mamma" said shoeless joe, because the Sox are going to kill the Astros.

I say let let Morris go. We don't need another mediocre pitcher, unless he'll work for a $1 mill contract.
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