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Friday, October 07, 2005


Size Doesn't Matter

Well, just let me get out in front of anyone who would disparage the Cardinals for small-balling themselves to a 6-2 win yesterday. I suspect the pundits and the others who predicted a San Diego upset are having to backtrack a little bit now, and picking away at yesterday's win offers a good opportunity to do just that. (Any bets that these are some of the same people who picked Seattle to win the AL West?) Eck's bunt in the third came on top of a walk to Nunez, a FC for Molina, and a Khalil Greene error. Astacio was shaken, and this move was a good way to get an easy run on a pitcher who had been hyped coming into the game. The next run came when Albert walked. Drawing first blood offers an advantage in the head game, in the sense that maybe now Astacio has less confidence in the defense behind him and his own arm, surely the man knew he had a walk problem since coming to the NL in spite of a good record. The next inning, Grud and Nunez get on base via hits, and two more sac hits bring in runs. Astacio's out after that inning. I doubt the head game was the only consideration that went into manufacturing those four runs, but I will always be convinced it's a factor. It also helps that Astacio represents another pitcher with the kind of post-traumatic stress disorder that spending several seasons at Coors Field seems to inflict, Mike Hampton anyone (Chacon is a surprising example of the reverse). Does the head game work with a seasoned vet like Clemens or Pettitte? Not as likely, obviously. However, I've said it here before, it's a real head game with pitchers, and I don't doubt that factor came into play in Thursday's game. Pinto points out another advantage to the win yesterday. He notes that the Padres were certainly hoping to use the spacious Petco Park to neutralize the Cards' power bats. This win takes away that advatage by proving the Cards can win in ways that are more befitting of the cavernous Petco. [Here's the link to Pinto's 'musing.' I'm printing it this way as Blugger seems unable to do it the other way right now. http://www.baseballmusings.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-tb.cgi/9116 Which brings me to my other point that sometime during the offseason we will be moving the Diaspora to its very own home on the web.]
I saw on a message board someone had posted - they win with the big bats or small ball - pick your poison lol

WTG Cards - good start in the playoffs as far as momentum goes and let's keep it up!

Julie C.
here here! that was no fluke win, they fought and won it the hard way
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