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Friday, October 14, 2005


Rest Reggie, Rest

I frantically scanned the web all day for an update on our Left Fielder, nothing yet. I have a gut feeling that he sits out for game 3. Mostly, this is based on the wide range of evaluations heard in the media, from the "trainwreck" comment to "50-50" to Sanders' own assessment that he's just a little sore (hopefully, that's not like Rolen's "just a little sore"). I won't say that it is a fortuitous event, but if he has to sit a game this might well be the best one for him to recuperate. Out of all Houston starters, he fares the worst against Clemens, 1-5 with 2 BB and 2 K (small sample size and all that). He is 9-3 with a triple and a homer versus Backe, Houston's game 4 starter. Who might we see in his place, though? Let's consider the possibilities of potentials versus Clemens, Houston's $18 million man. (Funny enough, old friend Roger Cedeno has a .423 avg and 1.070 OPS in 26 at-bats facing Clemens). It stands to reason that Taguchi or John Rodriguez will represent left field tomorrow afternoon. Rodriguez has not faced Clemens. Taguchi is 4-8 with an RBI, 2K; of his four hits, none were for extra bases. I suspect Taguchi starts, kind of a reward for the excellent ball he played this year filling in for injured players. He played 54 games in LF this year, and had a Rate2 of 104. Rodriguez is a natural left fielder; he played 40 games there this year with a Rate2 of 107. I'm sure fellow Cards' fans remember a few bad plays he made there though. While I think J-Rod is a good start too, we are probably better served having a lefty bat off the bench should wackiness ensue. What happens if TLR rests Walker too? An attempt to play the mental game and make Houston cocky and thinking they are a shoo-in. Obviously, I think you gotta go with your proven guys, if they can at all play, and Walker and Sanders are most definitely proven guys. I remember ranting about Walker on these pages sometime in the regular season, and just as soon as I did, he had a huge night at the plate (too short on time to look it up for you). [Marquis hasn't faced him either, but me wonders if he will get the chance soon?] Que Sera, Sera.
Ya, and I figure that even if Tony rests Walker and Sanders, one or both of them will be availible for pinch hitting duty, so that helps reduce the harm to the offense.

Get healthy Reggie and Larry!

Kick the 'Stros into next March, El Beardo!
sounds like reg-gie is playing.
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