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Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Well, Yahoo! was wrong, it's Astacio (PAstacio per CardNilly). Since coming to the Padres his ERA went from 6.04 to 3.17, not too bad, some credit should probably be given to spacious Petco Park. Here are some more interesting stats though: from TEX to SD his ground ball/fly ball ratio went from 0.99 to 1.11. He walks more batters pitching for his new team as well. His K/BB ratio fell from 3.75 in TEX to 1.14 in SD. His BB/9 went from 1.48 to 3.92. While that also says something about the different approaches by the TEX and SD coaching staffs and the difference in venues, the fact remains that PAstacio is putting more men on base, never a good thing when the opposing team's 2-5 hitters can put one out of the park, even in Petco, with one fell swoop. Who hits PAstacio well? Pujols: 4-11, 3 HR, .364/.333/1.182 Walker: 13-26, 2HR, .500/.533/.846 Edmonds: 4-12, 2 2B, .333/.467/.500 Sanders: 13-49, 3HR, .265/.315/.490
Sanders: 13-49, 3HR, .265/.315/.490

With the way Reggie is hitting, ya gotta love those numbers.
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