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Monday, October 03, 2005


Infield Chatter, part 6

As you no doubt have read by now, the Cardsblogging family got together for a chat last night. Although it was primarily focused on the postseason, the discussion ran through the gamut of important baseball topics (superstitions, for instance). It went for nearly two hours, and, courtesy of Scott, aka CardNilly, it's been broken down into six parts for your reading pleasure. If you're reading at the Diaspora, chances are you're also reading the other great Cards baseball blogs. If you don't make it a practice to check these other sites, change your routine RIGHT NOW! Birdos was just named "Best Blog" for St. Louis by the Riverfront Times, and these other sites are bloody good reading themselves. All of them have a little something for the stats folks, traditionalists, and those who like to be entertained won't be disappointed either. I don't know what the other team blog families are like, but the Cards' easily have one of the best. Part six of the chart is presented here. The other parts: I at Viva El Birdos (lboros), II at CardNilly (Scott), III at bellyitcher (bellyscratcher), IV at Get Up, Baby (Dan Up), V at The Birdwatch (Rob), and IV right here. Enjoy! bellyscratcher: I hate the Sox. So much. I was really rooting for the Indians. Ryan: me too, plus tom berenger plays for the indians,a vietnam vet, with Charlie Sheen Dan Up: I want to see Giambi hit like ten home runs ina series and sink the Red Sox, the national mediawould have a stroke Ryan: then pop a vein in his neck Scott: I was secretly hoping for a playoff decided byanother Aaron Boone homer... Rob: Giambi has to hit some of those homers offSchilling.bellyscratcher: That would have been good Ryan: ugh schilling is insufferableRob: Decided by a Tony Womack homer. Steve Goldmanwould have a stroke. Scott: Do such beasts as Womack homers exist? bellyscratcher: What the hell happens to middleinfielders on the Cardinals? Dan Up: if it was decided by a Tony Womack homer TonyWomack would have a stroke Ryan: i know, is there some magic MI coach we don'tsee? Ryan: works for Keebler in the offseason Scott: I see him coaching third base every day. Scott: Anyone not think that Oquendo's our nextmanager when TLR decides to hang 'em up?Ryan: good point Rob: He's got the perfect pedigree. Dan Up: I try to block La Russa retiring out of myhead Ryan: i once heard ColemanScott: Vince...? Ryan: but i dunno about that Ryan: Jeff Gordon offered up Ozzie at one point, buthe's Jeff Gordon Dan Up: "Okay, everybody, when you get to firstbase--RUN. When you're finished running, sit out inthat field over there until the PA guy calls on you torun again. And do lots of drugs." Rob: That would be bad. Ryan: would be good for Izzy, the coke thing bellyscratcher: Jose is the next manager. I think heand Tony have an agreement. Scott: Does Whitey come back in the Don Zimmer role? Dan Up: Whitey could probably take Pedro Ryan: only he can contribute bellyscratcher: I like the White Rat and all, but hequit on the team. No thanks. Scott: I see authority issues there -- it'd have to beclear that Whitey was subordinate to Jose... Ryan: i think Whitey Ryan: is retired for good Dan Up: I'd be all over it if they agree to installthe old TWA Dome astroturf at Busch III bellyscratcher: Ugh. I think there are some franchiseplayers that would object. Ryan: hey, did anyone think Hal McRae had a positive,negative or neutral effect on hitting this year Dan Up: hey now, don't make Roger Cedeno's mind up forhim Dan Up: I don't know, I can never tell with hittingcoaches Dan Up: if he slipped Nunez an aluminum bat orsomething I'll give him credit Ryan: yeah, it's tough to see, any thoughts on JEd's year Scott: I think he's gotta get some sort of credit forAbe and Eck and the Gooch. Mabry's tanked under his watch, though... bellyscratcher: Not sure. Jimmy's been in a year longfunk. But Sanders is always chatting with him (knows him from way back when). Abe’s another good example. Rob: Grudz seem to slip as the season progressed. Scott: Jimmy = hurt. He'll get cleaned up in theoffseason and have another great year, another goodyear, and an okay year and then retire... Ryan: i thnk he was dealing some with injuryRyan: referring to grud Ryan: and jimmy bellyscratcher: Edmonds has like 9,000 injuries. Knee, shoulder, wrist.... Rob: Yeah, it works for both. Tough to say with hitting coaches... bellyscratcher: At least he's not drunk? Rob: I still can't believe Taguchi had the season hehad. Dan Up: yeah Taguchi surprises me every time he gets a hit Ryan: gotta run. you up for this again after the NLDS? bellyscratcher: I'm still pissed at the ChiSoxstealing the nickname Gooch. Dan Up: if things go according to plan, sure Rob: IF... bellyscratcher: Hope so Scott: Cool. Ryan: they will Ryan: see you later Ryan has left the room. Dan Up: honestly I think it'd be cool if we could setup something like this monthly-ish next year Dan Up: and alternate bellyscratcher: I'd be on board for that. Dan Up: yeah I'll be busy making myself soundremarkably witty and intelligent Rob: That sounds good. Scott: Time permitting, that's a really good idea. They do it semi-regularly over in theRedblogosphere... Rob: The Reds must be a blogger's dream. Scott: Except for the losing, yeah. Dan Up: "The pitching was bad again." Dan Up: over and over bellyscratcher: RHM and I played hangman today Rob: But it's a different villain every day! Scott: Saw that. Got both the answers before you did. But I wasn't watching the game at the same time... bellyscratcher: I screwed it up. Dan Up: did you get her out on "Earned-Run Average"? bellyscratcher: Damn, I should have done somethingwith Milton. Dan Up: I don't know what I would have done if theCardinals had actually gone through with signing Milton Scott: He probably would have made your spontaneouscombustion list... Dan Up: I'm worried it wouldn't be spontaneous if Iplanned it Dan Up: they don't let you blog in maximum security bellyscratcher: Molotov cocktails at Busch, huh? Dan Up: after Jose Macias hit his fourth home run Rob: Or Neifi Perez. bellyscratcher: I think all of the Red Sox areilliterate. bellyscratcher: Sorry, watching ESPNews Dan Up: why bother reading when ESPN fellates you overthe airwaves bellyscratcher: hey, the Cubs had a losing season. That's nice. Rob: TV is bad for you. Dan Up: yeah tenet number one for me enjoying abaseball season is that the Cubs lose, after that it's all gravy Scott: Did the Brewers end up beating them in thestandings? bellyscratcher: Yep Scott: sweet Rob: And they're bringing Dusty back. bellyscratcher: the brewers are kinda scary for nextyear Dan Up: yeah they remind me of this year's Indians Scott: Brewers are still a couple pieces short, I think. But they finally got smart ownership and general management, so I'm worried about them, yeah. Rob: The Brewers need a real bat. It'd help if they traded Overbay. Dan Up: Prince Fielder is one bad motha bellyscratcher: They're like the Reds with much morepitching and a slightly worse offense. Scott: shut yo mouth! Dan Up: I'm just talkin about Prince! Scott: then I can dig it... Scott: We're here all week, folks! Try the veal! Dan Up: tip your waitresses! bellyscratcher: (polite clapping) Scott: And that seems as good a place as any to endit, eh? Rob: OK. Dan Up: Unless somebody wants to end the vaudevillewith a stirring rendition of Over There bellyscratcher: Indeed. Night all. Talk to you soon,crossing finger, knocking on wood, etc. Dan Up: yeah Dan Up: don't anybody get too superstitious in the interval Be sure to check out the other parts. And stay tuned to the Cards' web realm for more fun throughout the postseason.
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