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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hot (Stove) Stuff, and more.

I wasn't all that surprised when Joe Torre announced he was coming back to the Yankees for 2006. Although, I speculated that he would probably leave, possibly to don Dodger blue next year. There's a lesson about purges to be had here. A autocrat cannot simply purge his most popular general. He can purge those around him, hand-pick their replacements, carefully question the general's strategies and decisions, and then wait for the general to slip up somewhere. If the general is seen as creating his own demise, installing a new one is far easier. Torre's contract is up after the 2007 season. I predict the 2006 season is his last in the Bronx. ------ Former Cardinal great Terry Pendleton pulled himself out of contention for the Dodgers managerial vacancy. Obviously, we wish Terry Pendleton nothing the best, but it would be hard to stomach him leading the Dodgers. Given the impact he has made in for the Braves as a player and now as their hitting coach, he deserves a shot at managing his own team. The sentimental choice for him would probably be to take the helm in Atlanta when Cox retires. Cox turns 65 right after next season starts, so who knows how much longer he could go. Anyway, the Hot Stove stuff never ceases to fascinate me, and it's a pleasant distraction from thinking about tonight's game all day. Cardnilly explains for those of us thought it was over. Viva El Birdos puts Mulder's performance in elimination games under the microscope. Over analysis over from Josh at the Birdwatch. If you want to get an idea of what a dysfunctional place your nation's capitol is, read the latest "Business of Baseball Report" over at the Hardball Times, man this city sucks. Try to stay focused. Game time will be here before you know it.
I really wish Torre had left the Yankees, preferably by marching into george's office and telling him to shove it where the sun don't shine. First, I think the Yankees would suffer without Joe, because dealing with all the pressure can't be easy, and the Yankees suffering is always good. Second, because even though he seems to handle it well, I'd think that pressure has to take a toll on Joe.
yeah, it would be interesting to see who they got to replace Joe
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