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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Un-believable! There may not be a better way to win. Albert Pujols truly is the second coming of Joltin' Joe, Ted Williams, et al. That's exactly what great, legendary ballplayers do. Series implications and predictions can wait. Right now, we all need to be savoring the home run that nearly found its way out of Enron Field and the hero who sent it there.
One heck of a hit!

Take it one game at a time now.
absolutely. we beat the invincible Lidge, Oswalt next?
Heck yea, we will.
I look at it like this... all the pressure is on the Astros. Even though they still lead the series, the sweep at Busch in July has to be in the back of their minds, and they now know that Lidge can be gotten to.
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