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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


He said with a grin...

I'm fighting the urge to look at stats relating to tomorrow night's game. If you have spent any time on the web today, you already know the historical comparisons of other playoff comebacks. (Did anyone else look up Dave Henderson on eBay today?) There's no need to rehash them here. We can pick up with stats tomorrow. I haven't stopped smiling all day. I even took a quick inventory of the greatest moments in my life thus far: 1) Getting married 2) Albert's home run 3) Quiting a job 4) Drinking first beer 5) Drinking second beer That's a rough outline. This is a family blog, so there a couple of moments that remain on my personal list. The first two are set in stone though. The minimal role of momentum from the regular season into the playoffs has been well noted; the White Sox certainly dispelled that notion this year. Momentum, in a series, carries a lot more meaning, ask our friends on Chicago's North Side in therapy for the last two years. Every game is suddenly more fun and less tense now. Hopefully, our boys have that feeling now too, and when they go out there tomorrow afternoon they swing the bats like just a little looser, more relaxed, and confidently replaying a single thought over and over in their heads, "Hey, we're the Cardinals, this is easy," Crack. Pow. Cheer. Cards Win! Clearly, it won't be easy, but if they work Oswalt hard and swing the bat, there's no reason they can't make another date with the Astros at Busch.
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