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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Decisions, Decisions

I understand why Tony want to keep Mulder in for the sixth, but I think we needed the out he made striking out in the 5th. If the pinch hitter, who would be less likely to get an out, gets on base, then there's a much better shot for Pujols to come up that inning. Now he leads off in the 6th. Of course a HR cuts the lead in half. 6th inning update: Damn, it's nice to be right! Wow! Nice catch Jimmy! That holds Berkman at first. Didn't something happen with an Edmonds catch in the LCS last year? It's huge that Oswalt has owned Edmonds in this game, and many of the others as well. Top of the 8th now, and I find some solace in the 2-1 score when Oswalt has been in prime form and one run belongs to a Yaddie's mistake for a passed ball. This game should be tied right now. It's a comforting thought, and a reminder of the quality of our team. Not only are the Astros pitchers going to have to be dominant, flawless, but other factors have to be there for them to take games from us. All those 'Stros missed opportunities will loom large no matter what the outcome is in tonight's game. Let me just remind the reader, the above paragraph as written prior to the 8th inning. Damn, Reggie don't be hurt. Tomorrow, I suspect there will lots of doom and gloom talk, some probably from by fellow Cards bloggers. Keep Believing. The series is tied 1-1, the Astros have to beat us three more times, only one of which will feature Oswalt, and I suspect if we see him again things will be a little different. We all knew going in this wasn't going to be a sweep, but rather a hard fought, but winnable, series. It remains so.
Your last paragraph there just might be calming enouugh to let me get some sleep tonight.
Yes, the last paragraph is comforting, but the one before it unsettles me again. Reggie appears not to be okay . In fact, TLR refers to it as a trainwreck.
yeah, hopefully Reggie only misses one game. With him out, it makes our lineup a little more even with the Astros'.
I hope Reggie is back tomorrow night.

Btw, you've been blogrolled.
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