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Monday, September 12, 2005


Things in balance, balance in things.

Okay, so Matt Morris is a little off right now, and maybe he has been for a couple months. However, have you noticed the other Cards' starters have picked it up? Marquis who had his own little disasterous slide is pitching well again. Suppan remains Suppan, steady approach, gets results, nothing fancy (or as Skynyrd says, "nuthin' fancy"). Mulder who made us all cringe in horror in the first part of the season, now hardly begs notice when he starts. Carpenter, well, what do I really need to say here. The Morris thing is a bummer, but things are seeming to have a way of balancing out for our top five, yeng and yang of starting pitching. I'm taking some solace in this. It's a remarkably good sign for the Birds on Bat. It's better to have the flow this way at this time than all five up in May and all five down in October. That's about as "unsabermetrics" as you can get, (or is it? too much Zen) but if you can't trust your gut who can you trust? As of right now, it looks like Mulder will get a daytime start at Wrigley Field this Saturday. Should be interesting, and gives him a chance to prove the ridiculous coincidence of the whole daytime starts thing. Balance man, balance. Say it with me now, "om."
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