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Friday, September 30, 2005


Strikes and Gutters

Mulder has 5k and 4BB through 3 innings tonight. Although the walks are a little high, the Ks are good to see. I know Mulder's not a strikeout pitcher, but it's always a little easier to rest knowing that a started has the velocity and skill to get a few guys out without calling upon the fielders. His pitch count seems a little high, but judging from MLB's gameday device, it looks like he's working the whole plate pretty well. That doesn't tell me anything about velocity or location, but it's about as informative as it gets for the distant fan checking in on the game. Ugh! Nevermind, 7BB sucks. Anyone that saw the game got any insight? Yeah, Jimmy! RBI single. Edmonds is second in the lineup again tonight. Pujols is protected with Sanders in the clean-up spot, and it comes back to another lefty with Walker after him. Dunno. Edmonds is obviously in an off year, but always represents that power threat in the number two spot that LaRussa loves, and his OBP is good this year in spite of lower average. Walker, is more a threat to drive in the runs from the number five spot that Edmonds occupied last year and early in the season. Any thoughts on that? It's all about getting ready for Tuesday now, and celebrating Busch Stadium. I willing to wager that Houston takes the Wild Card. Anyone else? Post-game: Well, well, well. That's the kind of offensive production we like to see! Papi who? Every position player, except Mahoney was in the game at some point tonight. Albert's back, and Reggie got a double. Is this what was expected by getting a resurgent Reggie behind Pujols? Is the lineup protection idea at work here? Obviously, Cincy's pen isn't much, but that's nice to see with two more games until they count again. Did I argue that momentum doesn't matter? Well, it still doesn't. Reyes and Flores worked a solid inning each, striking out 3 and 2, respectively. Two dominant innings from two guys we're likely to see several times in the postseason is also reassuring, and, if you recall, Cincy has one of the more productive offenses in the NL, far better than San Diego's hitters. Two lowlights stand out. Mulder's 7BB and Julian's 9th inning with 3 HA and 2 ER. Like I said, I didn't see the game, but it looked like, via Gameday, that Mulder worked the edges of the plate quite a bit, hence the 7BB. He did get 5K, a high number for Mulder this season, so it seems that he wasn't completely lost out there. If you saw the game, please let me know what Mulder looked like. Tavarez fell apart. Obviously, he hasn't been mentally sharp (ha!) all season; was this outing a mental lapse from the big lead? It happens... I feel real bad for Ray King. King is going through a really difficult circumstance with his father dying, and my heart really goes out to him. He faced two batters, giving up a hit and a walk, before he was ejected when he let his frustration with the ump be known. I wish he could fight through it and pitch like he did last year for his father. He gets the day off tomorrow to go visit him, and perhaps that helps him refocus. If not, he has get limited duty through the rest of October. Come on Ray, we believe!
Regarding last nights game, the ump was killing everybody, but especially the Cards with his strike zone last night. When Ray was in, he threw the same pitch basically twice in a row to Dunn. The first was a strike, the second a ball. It was so bad, I actually opted not to get ticked at Ray for walking in a run, instead cursing the worthless ump.
cool, i sometimes forget about the bad umps when they hapen
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