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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Slow Grounder to the Third Baseman

Matt Morris, please schedule an appointment with Bob Tewksbury ASAP! I know Tony and Dunc can lean a bit to the old fashioned, but maybe employing a shrink for the pitchers isn't such a bad idea. Hey speaking of talented pitchers who freak out, did you catch this article about Ankiel on The Hardball Times? Check it out. It provides some good historical perspective about pitchers becoming position players. Ah links, it's a ground ball right to third base for the lazy blogger. I'll confess, it's tough to generate material on a daily basis when you're ust waiting for the playoffs to start. One more link for you. Have you ever read The Heckler? Sure, it's a Cubs site, but it's quality stuff. They even include the perspective of the Windy City's South-side fans!
Yess! Fake news is great! I've been thinking myself that a shrink for the pitchers wouldn't be so bad (but I still have confidence in you guys, don't let that damage your fragile psyches!)
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