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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Putting the 'K' in Mark

Man, not having the internet at my immediate disposal must be what it's like to give up smoking cold turkey. As I kept forcing my wife to tolerate the bottom line on ESPN (which takes forever now that college football has started), I kept reaching over for my laptop, but like a recently lost arm, it just wasn't there. My point, besides bitching about not having a computer for another six days, is to ask you few and faithful readers not to give up, the Diaspora will be here through the rest of the week, but next weekend we'll be offline again, as the computer isn't going to be out of the shop until Monday. I suppose since I don't have a car now, there has to be some other mechanical peice of shit in my life that I am totally dependent on, actually, my last car worked pretty well. Anyway, there was lots of excitment over the long weekend. Seeing Pujols get a clutch homer run did wonders for the soul. I had been silently curious about Albert's clutching the bat too tightly as of late, but yesterday, as I watched the game on WGN, Albert reminded us why he's the Great One. What I am most excited about was the 8K performance by Mark Mulder on Friday. Sure, it turned out to be a bad loss, but you've got to be excited about the potential return of the Mark Mulder we traded a helluva let to get. Now, he's been pretty darn good over the past two months or so, but the lack of Ks was a small reason for concern. Then word of a neck "twitch" gave us all a pause, as one thing we couldn't afford was an injury to one of our starters. It would have burned particularly for Mulder to go down because of the politics and popularity of the trade that brought him here. In the words of Mike Keenan to Chris Pronger, "Do you know who I traded for you?" Now granted, this was one start against a fairly impotent offense, but he only had 3k in his last start (a win) against the Pirates. It's a great palce to build from, since he's never been a power pitcher, but he will need to get the occasional strikeout to have post-season success, not to mention longer term success. Had this been a daytime start, we could get really excited. I counsel patience. He's slated to go tomorrow night against the Cubbies, and while they have given up completely, they always get geared up enough to give the Cards a tough series or two. (note: there may be some shuffle with the starters, especially given the Memphis call ups, so we'll wait and see if Mulder does indeed face the Cubs this week.) If gets in there and pitches against them like this, and provides similar results over the course of his next few starts, we can get officially excited about the return of Mark Mulder.
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