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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


No. 2 Postseason Catcher Named by Cards Today

In an unusual move for a manager as tight-lipped about the postseason as Tony La Russa, the Cardinals skipper today named the small, net backstop as the team's back-up catcher for the October roster. The backstop was selected over Einar Diaz and Mike Mahoney to serve as Yadier Molina's replacement, should that be necessary. La Russa explained his decision in a postgame debrief with the media after Wednesday afternoon's game at Busch Stadium, "Well, we think this backstop will be our best option as we look to configure this team for the postseason." This particualr backstop has no prior major league experience, and was last employed by a the Greene County, Missouri Babe Ruth league. "This backstop offers us an upgrade both behind the plate and at the plate," the Cards' skipper went on to say. "I think when you're seeing the kind of little league [stuff] out there on the base paths that Diaz gave us today, I just don't have much of a choice." Diaz, hitting .197 on the season, will still have a role on the team as a bullpen catcher. Triple A carbon blob, Mike Mahoney, will probably remain in the stands as the team navigates its way to a title. Mahoney is hitting .161 through 24 games with the big league club. Team hitting coach Hal McRae offered his take on the situation as well, "I don't see how he can hit any worse than these two guys." The backstop, owned by the Greene County Parks and Recreation Department, most recently saw some heated action in the regional Babe Ruth palyoffs. In pregame batting practice for the semi-finals on August 27, the backstop stopped twelve straight pitches that came by 14 year old Cody Johnson (pictured here with the backstop), including a wild throw from the team's assistant coach, Cody's father. He was recommended for duty by the elder Johnson that day when, in a tirade directed at his son's lack of ability, he exclaimed, "that goddamn backstop is a better player than you!" He went on to add, "the damn thing has a better chance of making the major leagues than you ever will, that's for sure." The backstop was not available for comment.
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