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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"My Strike Year" by Keith Tkachuk

"Of course, I was pretty disappointed about the season being nixed, but what could I really do about it? "I guess the idea of not getting paid for a whole year really alarmed me the most, so we decided to head back to Boston for the better part of the year. This would allow us to spend time with the family and watch our beloved Red Sawx. My favorite player is Manny. I wonder how he manages to hit home runs in the postseason? I should ask him, because I really want to try and contribute offensively next time we are in the playoffs. "All that thinkin' and no goonin' sure made me tired, so I decided to head down to South Beach, where my lucrative deal with the Blues allows me to maintain a li'l love shack. (I also missed the groupies we meet on road trips, especially the porkers from Western Canada.) It is really nice to have the Wal-Mart fortune and a lot of male ego backing up our team; thank God that'll never change. I rue the day when those corporate suits start running hockey like a business, which I read all about in our most recent players union newsletter. "Anyway, South Beach was great, but I am glad to be getting back to playing hockey now. Only a few short weeks before the season starts. Here's a picture of me at a beach bar. See you later."
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