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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Mind Games

Carpenter says the problem is not so much here(pointing toward arm), but right here (pointing toward head). I'm at a loss here, which is not a good thing for a blog, but what do you say to that? "Okay, that's good. He's not a selfish player who's only reason for pitching is to get a Cy Young. By this logic, he should be sharp as a tack for the playoffs!" "Why can't a professional get into any game, regardless of postseason status? Oh, come on now, we all have our off days at the office. But wait, shouldn't a good starting pitcher be able to throw his good cut fastball in a meaningless practice session against the Brewers? What if muscle memory fails in game one of the NLDS?" See, maybe that pitching shrink wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. Of course, a fan shrink might be necessary as well.
Really, what do you say? Gee, Carp I'm glad there's nothing wrong with your arm. (I am). Or do you go the "Get your head out of your butt and start pitching well, because you're scaring the hell out of me right now!" route?

I'm lost.
let's hope it's not contagious
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