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Friday, September 02, 2005


Little Things

Well, I may be computerless for a few days now. My home computer has ceased to work, and I'm stealing a little time at the office today. My advice, NEVER purchase a windows product and aviod XP at all costs. Just a quick note or two for the weekend. Duncan is suspended for four games. Not clear as to why, obviously the rumble in PIT, but rarely do the decrees handed down by the MLB front office make sense. I doubt it has much of an effect, but watch the pitchers through the suspension. I am anxious to see if those of frail psyche can manage, i.e. Mulder, Marquis, et al. Hopefully, there's nothing to it, as Dunc will still be availble to them, just not during the game. The PD makes note of the need to get some run production around Pujols in the lineup. They note that he's expanded his strike zone to compensate for slumps by Edmonds and the missing Sanders. Hopefully, Edmonds is getting ready to go on a streak, at least his OBP is still over .400. I thought his walk rate seemed up, but they don't appear to be out of line with his normal walk rates. He does note that he's been hurting this season, sticking it out in the wake of the other injuries. Anyway, his Rate2 is still 115! That glove is hard to replace. Well, I'm off to enjoy a lazy weekend. Hopefully, the computer gets fixed, but I still intend to give the repair shop people where I bought it a lecture and plead for an exchange, stranger things have happened. If it proves to be to costly, the Diaspora will return mid-week, after payday. Should be some good games this weekend, especially Saturday. Enjoy!
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