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Friday, September 23, 2005


Left of the Dial

Lefties, lefties, lefties...Cards blog land is abuzz as of late with talk of them. Birdos deconstructs the pen, with, of course, the "shame about Ray." Danup looks at some of the lefty hitters the Cards could face in the first round. Needless to say, it got the left side of my brain stimulated. (ha ha ha wasn't that witty!) It seems like there was some consternation about the Cards ability against lefty pitchers. I recalled that when I turned on Gameday for the magical eigth inning last night in Cincy, ugh. Anyway, the Reds' pitcher, Claussen, was a lefty, and he had 5K with 2BB and 6HA in 7IP. Of course, Claussen really wasn't the Cards' undoing last night...but I digress on the pen issue. Quickly, I took a look at our team stats versus lefties. vsLHP: 205 runs, .266 Avg, .760 OPS, 1583 PA vs RHP: 550 runs, .270 Avg, .760 OPS, 4352 PA Total: 755 runs (5th in the majors), .269 Avg (10th), .760 OPS Notice the difference in OPS? No, because there isn't one. I checked twice, since my computer at the office was a little iffy today. Our OPS versus righties is fourth best in the majors, but only the 15th best versus the southpaws. The team batting average isn't all that different either. Probably, my concern about the Cards versus lefties is the result of some forgettable losses to lefties a few times throughout the season. More good news, out of all of our potential opponents for the National League side of the playoffs, only three have a left starter. The Braves have Horatio Ramirez, the Phils have rookie Eude Brito, and the Stros have Petit and Wandy Rodriguez.
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