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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


How Much "Mo" Does One Team Need?

I'll admit, it's pretty tough to get psyched up for games right now, and it's even harder to generate ideas for blogging. Carpenter pitches tonight and I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'll breathe a little easier if he looks sharp. I'll also let out a big gasp if the bats come alive tonight. Walker was on last night, and Sanders had a nice double, not bad for guys that are probably under strict orders not to strech any hits out and risk injury. So, here's my question...how much of a factor is momentum? Right now, the Cards ain't got it, looking at their record these past two weeks. However, some of that can certainly be attributed to having clinched the Central Division title, and the need to rest some important players, and also the need to get a look at guys to make roster decisions, let the Memphis call ups get a taste of the Show. There's also, like I mentioned above, no need for guys to press and risk injury when we've got a date set for October play. Okay. Fine. Are those factors responsible for the additions to the 'L' column this month? I think it's safe to say that each of them, by themselves or as a combination, have been the reason for some of those losses. My real concern is this the performance we're going to see when the playoffs start? Obviously guys will run harder and Hector Luna won't be in the starting lineup, but will Carp look like a Cy Young candidate again and Albert put a few less plate appearances between his home runs? The Cards certainly didn't pick up a ton of kinetic energy last September, but they handled the Dodgers pretty easily. The Houston series was a little different, but that Houston team was pretty good. It was no fluke that they came back from where they were in the standings to take the Wild Card. Maybe I answered my own question, but you still have a little "hmmm" in the back of your head when you see the stat sheets for the last couple weeks. For the record, I think TLR has them playing like a first class caliber team come next week.
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