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Thursday, September 08, 2005



Sporadic posting continues, sorry, Diaspora returns in full force Monday, 9/12. For now, jump into the Pujols vs. Lee MVP debate over at BtB. For my money, it's Pujols. Clearly, I am biased, but the Cards would be in the silly NL wild card race right now if Pujols' contributions were merely average or slightly above. Even with Derrek Lee's flukey season, the Cubs are playing in the race to bottom with the Pirates and Reds. This has to count for something, doesn't it? Larry Walker only played in one game against the Flubs. Surely, he's just resting up for the post-season? Let's hope. Come one Tony, we wanna see Kid Reyes pitch another.
The Cardinals? I think I remember that team, but i can't be sure. Maybe they were that NL team that forgot to show up in the World Series last year.
When discussing MVP, I think the best argument to make in favor of Albert, is if not for Lee the Cubs would still be out of the playoffs. The Cardinals have lost Rolen, Sanders, Walker, Grudz, Molina all to injuries (some for the better part of the season) and still have the best record in baseball. Albert must be the MVP
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