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Friday, September 23, 2005


Dusty's Revenge

Is Tony LaRussa taking managerial tips from Dusty Baker? Why in the hell, with a division win almost a certainty for weeks now, did he keep pitching Carpenter like he was a machine? Up till tonight, Carp has pitched 101 innings since the All-Star break. I know he wanted him to win the Cy Young, I know Tony's not a huge idealogue with pitch counts, but there's no reason not to have rested Carpenter more in the days since the break. And since the September call ups arrived, why not let Carpenter (or all the starting 5) have an extra rest day? Reyes or Wainwright or the pen could have easily started a game; we certainly didn't need the win. I understand the Cards had a brutal schedule through August and September, but we also had the padding to keep our key guys fresh. Last year, which was Carp's first "full" season since 2001 because of injury, he was 10-2 with a 2.77 ERA starting games on more than five days of rest. Duncan and La Russa damn well better help him get it together before the playoffs start. If the Padres (nowhere near as good as the Brewers) get 8 runs in game one at Busch, it ain't gonna be pretty. And if that means letting him take some extra down time, then they damn well better fill up the hot tub for him (maybe a "streak breaker" wouldn't hurt either). Another really tough part to swallow about this whole thing, there's no way he wins the Cy Young now.
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