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Sunday, September 25, 2005


The Bounce

So, let us not come here to disparage Mulder. He gave the Cubs 7 ER in a four inning loss on August 11. Then, he bounced right back pitched a CG shutout against the Diamondbacks. Mulder's come a long way (baby!), and it would seem his head is in order on par with his status as a qausi-elite pitcher. There is some good baseball in store this week, and for some teams, every single game is going to count. In the NL, the Astros and the Phillies are going to be duking it out for the Wild Card. The Astros may be without Clemens for his start this week. Houston faces the Cards and the Cubs this week, and somebody named Bagwell is back for them as well. I know he's pretty much limited to pinch hitting duties, but that's not a bad guy to have coming off your bench. The Phillies face the Mets at home and wrap it up in DC. They have the offense, in 6 of their last 13 games they have 10 or more runs, to take the WC, but they have some baaad starting pitching. The AL has some real excitement too, in as much as you can find excitement in the AL. Will the Indians overtake the White Sox in the Central? What about the Yanks and the Red Sox? And who gets the WC as the divisions shake out? Should be good.
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