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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Yaddie, Come Back.

Quick, off the top of your head... of the all the injured players, who do we miss the most? Besides all of them. Yaddie Molina. Why? Clearly there's the role he can play managing the pitchers on the field, an intangible quality of obvious impact. In term of fielding though, his replacements are merely adequate at best. Let's take a look a the stats. (Ed. note: Blogger sucks because I can't put tables into it, or at least I can't figure out how to do so) Diaz G:38 PB:3 SB:10 CS:6 Rate2:100 RAR2:6 RAA2:0 EqR:3 Mahoney G:19 PB:0 SB:3 CS:0 Rate2:95 RAR2:3 RAA2:-1 EqR:1 Molina G:74 PB:7 SB:11 CS:20 Rate2:123 RAR2:33 RAA2:16 EqR:23 Obviously, the rate at which Molina can throw 'em out on the base paths is huge. Rate is a handy fielding stat (definition of Rate2) sorting out, in runs, a player's level of production per 100 games, with 100 being average. Look at Molina's Rate2, 123! That's the highest of anyone at any position on the team, Edmonds is second best with a Rate2 of 117. This mean that Molina is 23 runs above average. Diaz is plain average at 100, and Mahoney is 5 runs below average. His Runs Above Avg and Above a Replacement are way out in front of his replacements, with Mahoney actually having contributed one run less than average at the catcher position; Yaddie's way ahead on those than the other guys. Now, I know Molina's bat is not going to contribute more runs at the plate than a healthy Rolen or Walker, but in the field he plays a pretty darn important position. In the 13 stolen bases against the other two, as many as 8 of those could have been thrown out, with the assumption that Molina would have played all those other games (he wouldn't have) and he continued at his 65% rate of throwing out would be base theives. Nevertheless, that's a decent number of outs, and given the number of losses we've experienced with a close score those additional outs may have had a big impact. You'll also notice I didn't compare the offensive stats of the men with masks. Really, is that necessary? Do I really need to bludgeon you, dear reader (or two), with the reminder that Mahoney seems to hit into a DP everytime he picks up a bat? Besides, Molina's offensive stats won't do him justice in the wake of his poor start with the stick in his hand. Alright, my arm has been twisted, and I'll throw out only this bone, VORP. Molina 2.4 Diaz and Mahoney both have a VORP of -5.7, 'nuff said. Mahoney and Diaz are to be comended in the role they have been asked to play. It's an incredibly tough job. Rodriguez and Gooch and those guys in the outfield have big shoes to fill because of the individuals they replace, but as for the positions themselves, while not easy, they are easier to fill in at than catcher. (Sheesh, in the AL they'll stick anyone with a glove in the OF). Their experience will serve to make them fine backup catcher, but Molina's absence is having a big impact on this lineup. I'll continue to surf the web everyday, anxiously, for updates on that healing, golden hand.
Vice tables, you could use the preformat tags, <pre></pre>, which would display that text in monospaced font. Then, properly formatted (easiest way to do that is to do a "first draft" of your tables in a text editor like Notepad, using a monospaced font like Courier New), the data columns would all line up correctly.
Cool, thanks for the tip. Like your homepage, too.
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