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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Who is this kid!?!?!

I'll be honest, I was completely prepared to see a loss in MIL tonight. I thought Reyes would come up, pitch 3 or 4 innings, do good enough to be remembered for later in the year or 2006, and the Cards would (unintentionally) help the Brewers make their case for the wild card. Really and truly, I thought tonight's game was going to be more important for getting our starters some much needed rest. Let's face it, outside of Carp, and to a lesser extent Mulder, the starters are in need of a little break, and showing it. Morris isn't getting into the 90s on the gun in the last innings of his starts, and Marquis is throwing like he's been assigned his pitching duties by Dusty Baker. Tonight was almost as essential for that as it was to get a win. How wrong I was. Like a trip to the Lake of the Ozark outlet malls, Reyes and the Cards game not only served a utilitarian purpose, they came out with something off the rack that could really get in the main rotation of your back to school wardrobe. 6 1/3 IP, 5 K(!), 1BB, 2HA, and 2 ER...that's good, really good. The kid's got a taste of the bigs, and heads back to Memphis tomorrow. The Cards secure a series win against a decent division rival (and come on, wouldn't you rather see these guys get the WC than Houston?) with a...um...a...modified line-up. Oh, and Marquis gets a pinch hit single in the 9th. Is this guy the inspiration for Rick Ankiel, or what. "Hmm, if Marquis hit .300, why can't I? Hell, I don't even pitch anymore." Okay, the Diaspora has been a little less than thorough lately, and it's largely because I have been swamped at the orifice, (the unfortunate need to have a job weighs heavy on me everyday) where I do some of my best posting. Well, I did manage to sneak in a game at RFK this Sunday...well worth it, got to see Peavy's CG SO. That kid can pitch. Anyway, there will be lots of great content on these page as the week progresses.
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