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Saturday, August 27, 2005


What a day for baseball!

It was a beauty of a day at RFK, the air was cool and the stadium was alive with Cards fans. Of course the story of the day is Jason Marquis. When we got to the field and they announced that he was starting, I stopped in the midst of heavy foot traffic to express my suprise. He looked great. After the 1st inning, we ducked down to a couple seats above first base, and could clearly see that his pitches were looking good, lots of first pitch strikes, good looking ones. I didn't pay much attention to the staium radar gun, and RFK doesn't seem to update it with every pitch anyway. We kept asking when TLR would pull him out. I thought he would go after the seventh, mostly because of the short rest. Nope. He went the distance, economically too. The offense looked good, with the everyone chipping in a little bit, or a lot (Eck's homer was mighty exciting). Still would love to see Pujols light it up while I'm at the game, but oh well. Today was also notable for my autograph attempts. When we got there, Mabry was signing by the dugout, but the game was about to get underway and I just missed him. We went down after the game, the Cards shuffled right into the dugout. Marquis came over for some interviews, but didn't come over to sign a few for the fans. Then, Grud and Reggie came out to play some catch. They waived to the devoted, but were obviously concerned with getting some workout time in. (Yes, they both looked mighty healthy to me, but my medical oppinion means nothing). Oh well. Maybe tomorrow some of the boys will feel like signing. I really don't want it for ebay or anything, just as a fond memory of a great Cards team. Has anyone else out there gotten any autographs from the Redbirds on the road? Maybe it's a good excuse for a trip to Florida next spring.
Since we moved to Kansas City 6 years ago from St. Louis - we have made it a family tradition to go down to the KC/Cards series every year since we have lived here. We have yet to get an autograph but we still keep working on it! :)

Julie C.

P.S. - It looks like Busch Stadium every year down here when the Cards come to town - we feel like we are home in St. Louis!
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