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Friday, August 26, 2005


the view from section 422

Well, we just got back from the Cards/Nats game at RFK tonight, after a nice walk through the neighborhood to collect our thoughts on the game. The evening was perfect for a night at the game, if only the game had been as perfect. Loaiza looked like the Loaiza that was so dominant for the White Sox a couple years ago. The bats were nearly silent, and I was waiting in an absurdly long line at a beer stand when the Nats put two runs on the board in the 4th (BTW, RFK won't let you carry more than two beers if you're by yourself). Personally, Supe looked okay to me, and that strike zone seemed more than a little tight. The five walks might have been only three on another night. Anyway, Supe did what Supe does, pitches good enough to give the talented lineup a chance to win the game, but that's tough to do when you can only muster three hits. Highlight 1: Getting to see Ray King pitch well. Amy and I are both Ray King fans, and love to see the jolly one pitch. It was good to see him get through an inning and look good doing it. Highlight 2: Thompson looked sharp too, and anytime the other team is held to four runs, the Cards always have a shot at winning the game. Highlight 3: I was duly impressed with the number of Cards fans at the game tonight. We sat a few seats down from a family of Redbird fans and there were any number of hats, shirts and jerseys peppered through out the stadium. Highlight 4: A note of self-congratulation...I maintained a calm, cool demeanor. Applauding my team (when there was something to applaud) and maintaining a proper amount of respect for the other team and their fans. Hey, I do live here for a while, don't want to make too many enemies. Sure, I was tempted to ask, loudly, on the way out, "which team is going to the playoffs?" Highlight 5: Chad Cordero, my fantasy closer, got a save tonight. My bargain basement pickup will be fondly remembered when I'm spending that prize money on stuff I don't need come November. Now for the lowlights. Lowlight 1: Albert Pujols getting booed. Who the hell boos Albert Pujols? Not only should a baseball fan appreciate the fact that he's a great player, the guy's a class act and never shows off, acts like a jerk or anyother sort of disrespectful behavior toward opponents or other players. Come on, you can't boo Albert Pujols, especially when you have Jose Guillen on your team. Lowlight 2: Getting to see Albert Pujols live and in person, and having him go 0 for 4. Oh well, the mean can be a cruel thing sometimes. Hmmm, there really weren't to many lowlights, except for that whole loss thing. It was a beautiful night for baseball, and getting to the Cards play is like having an old friend visit you in a strange new town. Tomorrow, Mulder is going to prove that the daytime thing is just a fluke, a stat trumped up by the press and computer geeks (like me). Sunday, Marquis shakes his run of bad luck, and I'l be there to witness it all. More to come...
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