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Monday, August 22, 2005


The Positively Strange Saga of Mark Mulder and the Missing K.

Good times in Pittsburgh start tonight. Mulder opens the series on the mound for the Cardinals. In two starts against the Pirates this year, he's picked up two wins, including a two-hitter on April 18 in Steel City and seven inning, four K victory (hey that's a lot for Mulder) at Busch on May 25. Let's hope he continues to be the surprising "what ever works" Mark Mulder. He's got a ground ball/fly ball ratio of 2.72! That's fourth in the league. The thing that keeps me up at night with Mulder is that 1.55 K/BB ratio, especially when paired with his 4.77 K/9 number. That's low, and a pitcher needs to be able to get a few more K's than that to be truly effective. Maybe, he's on his way back to the approximate 3.00 K/BB ratio he had in seasons preceding the 2004 melt down (he had a 1.69 K/BB rate last year). [I got these stats at ESPN, but I honestly don't know why I bother going to their web site at all. You can glean almost nothing from it, as every article can only be had for signing up for a subscription to their terrible magazine (Us Weekly for men) or paying $7 a month. Apparently, they don't make enough money from the assault of pop-ups ads that bombard you with each click on their site.] First things first, though. On Saturday, he'll be pitching during the DAY right here in Washington, DC, and, being as though the wife and I will be in attendance, it sure would be nice to see him break that weird day game streak he's got going, lest it be called curse. Another little item I saw in the game notes, Marquis gets the least run support of any Cards' starter. St. Louis' favorite Staten Islander gets 4.1 runs of support when he takes the mound. The next lowest is Mulder and Carpenter with 5.2 runs of support. I can clearly remember a few starts recently where a run would have made all the difference for Marquis (that and not being held in until the 8th inning for God knows why). If you haven't checked out the breakdown of the '04 Cards versus the '05 Cards at Beyond the Boxscore, you're sorely remiss in your internet reading today (or maybe you're just busy). Note in particular today's entry regarding the starting pitchers.
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