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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Marquis seems to be the subject of much grumbling around Cards nation, and while I don't live close enough to the Lou to know, I suspect that talk radio is abuzz with calls for his head as well. I really loathe talk radio, from sports to politics, it cheapens the dialogue of a rich subject and turns rational adults into foaming at the mouth lunatics. However, I have to add the voice of the Diaspora to those who are finished lending their support to Marquis. I don't know if he was ever a really talented pitcher, and in spite of his 15 wins here last season, I agree with the notion that we should find every possible way to get rid of him. The real shame is that, if they were indeed true, rumors earlier in the summer had us swapping him for Melvin Mora. An emphatic D'oh is in order there in light of how the Scott Rolen situation now stands. As a faithful Cards fan, I hoped that he could pull it together and get a win against the Pirates, not so much because I was rooting for Marquis personally, rather just the desire to see the team win. Tuesday night in Steel City may have been his worst start to date, and one would have a hard time finding fault with the management this time, unless you believe that he should have been pulled after the first (there's a case to made there). Trade the kid; let him get a fresh start somewhere else. If the Cards get a solid bench player to round out their offensive depth (remember, our bench guys have had considerable exposure this season and will be pressed to serve more than usual in the wake of the injury plague) that might be the best thing in terms of our immediate needs, or maybe another solid lefty for the pen (good luck getting a LHP through waivers). If not, here's a chance to help out the farm system. I realize that we're probably not going to get another Barton-caliber player for him, but we cold definitely get a some raw talent really young guys or some college age players who could have an impact on the Big League club in the near future. Marquis' next start is on Sunday against the Nationals, and on a selfish note, I'm worried because that means when I am at the game I won't get to be the obnoxious out of town, loudmouth fan when the starting pitcher's getting his ass handed to him in what may be the league's most pitcher-friendly park. I keep obsessively checking the official to site to see if the team has called up Reyes or Wainwright yet. But such insistence about bringing one of these guys up this season brings to mind a salient point with Marquis, good young pitchers have an incredibly high frequency of fizzling out real, real fast, sometimes through mismanagement and sometimes injury and sometimes they just can't handle the Show. So we must ask ourselves, Cards fans, what are the risks involved in bringing one of these sure-fire, can't miss hurlers up to pitch this season, and are the risks outweighed by the potential benefits? Nobody wants another Jason Marquis on our hands, especially a homegrown one. I'll be at each of the Cards/Nats games, and will post wrap ups here in the hours following each one.
I'm not sure what to make of Marquis right now. But it would seem like the best for everyone to send him on his way, see if he can't put it together somewhere else.
apparently, he's going to start in DC on Sunday, according to the PD.
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