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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Oh What a Feeling!

Who among us does not enjoy the comeback? The excitment of a win in the bottom of the ninth is far more euphoric than a win secured in the bottom of the third. Especially after all of the consternation of watching your team throw away opportunity after opportunity in all the previous innings. Job well done, boys! Carp pitched great again last night. It's nice to have a first rate ace on the staff. Morris is on the mound tonight, and it's no secret he's been a little less than perfect lately. He had his velocity back in his last start, now, it seems to me, if he get a handle on his pinpoint control again, he's sitting pretty. Maybe Molina back gives Matty a leg up, we'll see. Still, I can't help but wonder if maybe the Cards should be giving Reyes a start or two in the next six weeks. Rest the others a bit, and it'd be nice to have a real fireballer ready to pitch some innings. Still don't want to wreck him, since he'll figure pretty heavily into the 2006 plans. Maybe give the bullpen a start, get them dialed in and rest the starting five. Lot's of rumors out there this week. Yesterday, Peter Gammons made mention of Suppan being put on waivers, which is a normal process for teams this time of year, but Gammons mentions it in the "possible movement?" sense. I doubt it though. Thursday on ESPN the announcers were mentioning rumors about Cliff Floyd coming here. Dunno, doesn't seem like we really need him, but I suspect management is a little worried about the loss of Rolen's power in the lineup heading into October. Too bad those Marquis for Melvin Mora rumors didn't hold true last month. And finally, the Roids rumors are out there pretty heavily again. Clemens and Damon?!? (CardNilly has the scoop) That's a huge blow to the bigs, two of the most recognizable players out there. If it's true for Damon, I want an asterick on the 2004 World Series results.
That last inning was fabulous - I know that wasn't Yadi's first game back, but what a return!

I'm excited to see the game tomorrow - apparently 500 country music radio listeners will have Mike Matheny masks to show their support for him even though he's no longer a Cardinal. I believe they're saying Matheny gets 2 runs but the Cards still win by 3 : )
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I still think Damon is a caveman that they kidnapped from the early stone age. They've been feeding him HGH to try and make him stand more upright
I agree, most overrated CF in the game today.
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