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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Oh, Jason...

Jason, Jason, Jason... what's the matter? Personally, I'm not convinced of the exhuastion theory. I think it might be an injury to the delicate psyche of a pitcher (see Mark Mulder, circa August 2004). You know, where there's nothing really physically wrong, but the interference of rationality over instinct. I've long been a believer in this theory when it comes to pitchers. Beyond the Boxscore has an interesting rumination on this today in the context of Gladwell's most recent book, Blink. Rumors batting around on ESPN tonight are mentioning Cliff Floyd coming to the Cards. Anyone else know anything about this? Doesn't make the most sense to me, but who knows what's going on? Let's hope the Cards can break open Vargas' 3 hitter that he's got going so far through four. Yep, run scores on a passed ball, a passed ball that get lost too. Just a few more there boys. Let's help out Jason Marquis.
Cliff Floyd? Hmm, I'm not sure I'm enamored of adding another mid (early?) 30s outfielder with a history of injury porblems (or am I confusing Floyd with Rondell White? I think it actually applies to both). Of course I don't get how the waiver thing works, so how would it be determined who we'd send to the Mets in exchange? Is it an equal salary thing or what? No way do we give up Reyes or Wainwright. Howzabout Carmen Cali and Journell?

Did you see Peter Gammons' piece where he says the Cards put Soup on waivers? Why, especially given how Marquis is pitching. Now does not seem like the time to be cutting loose a reliably average starting pitcher. Of course I root for Soup, the way he has to pitch reminds me of a less-effective Tewksbury (or else the 1994 version, when the wheels came off), and Tewks is my fave Card pitcher of all time.

I'm with you on the Cliff Floyd thing. My reaction was "uh, okay."

I think it'd be a huge mistake to let Suppan get away from us. Remember how well he did in the playoffs last year? He's not blowing anyone away (he did have 7K last time out though), but he's pretty darn reliable as long as the offense shows up.
Teams routinely try to put their entire roster through waivers before Sept. 1, just so they have the flexibility to make a post-waiver-period trade (the period was through July) before the playoff rosters are set. Anybody dealt in August has to clear waivers first, and anyone on a roster on or before Sept. 1 is eligible for the playoff roster.

If another team puts a claim on a waivered player, the waiving team can just withdraw the player from waivers. Typically, teams don't put any claims in because (a) they know the player will just be withdrawn or (b) the waived player might be a useless sack whom they'd then have to find roster space for, if he's not withdrawn.

Sometimes a team will claim a player on waivers just because they fear that player being traded to a rival, so they attempt to block the trade, assuming that the player will just be withdrawn from waivers. I can't remember the case exactly, but a few years ago, a team put a claim in on a high-salaried player on the downside of his career in an attempt to (they thought) block a trade, and the waiving team let him go, burdening the claiming team with a big contract for the following year.
yeah, it wouldn;t really make sense to trade suppan. There have yet to be any moves for the waiver trades (none that I am aware of anyway). Makes me wonder if there will be any?
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