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Friday, August 26, 2005

Off to see the Cards play at the Nats tonight, and for the next two games as well. Right now, it's a quarter after four, and my thoughts have turned completely to getting the hell out of my office. My enthusiam for the office has completely waned for the week, the year, etc. Not to bore you with the sordid details of my labor situation, so I'll keep this post short in the anticipation of a report after the game. Hey, speaking of labor situations... Think your job sucks, well being a professional baseball player in before 1975 was hardly ideal either. Curt Flood, the Cardinal great that dared to challenge the system at the expense of his own status as a player, is back on Cards' fans radars with the discussion of the All-Busch Stadium team. Check out the posts about Flood's status and impact on the game in the comments section over at this post on Viva El Birdos. There's a quality discussion going on there, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. I shared my two cents (well in terms of column inches it might be more like four inches), and you might want to weigh in also. You can check out more on the All Busch team at Fungoes.
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