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Sunday, August 07, 2005


How do you spell clutch?

ECKSTEIN. Not a bad time of year for the li'l guy to find his inner slugger. Suddenly this team's finding ways to win from behind, a quality missing throughout July, but seems to have returned in August.
Just an absolutely amazing game by the Cards today and Eckstein - well HOLY MOSES!!

We were jumping up and down like a couple of nuts LOL

Great game by the Cards and I agree - love seeing the come backs and couldn't be any better guy getting the game winning GS than Eck. He has been an A+ addition to this Cardinals team.

How about Pujols telling JRod to put his bat away when the bases are loaded? I love that guy - he bleeds team doesn't he?? First guy out of the dugout to meet Eck at the plate - keep it up Cards!
yeah, that was just mind blowing. Pujols is the greatest ever, certainly that i've seen.
I don't remember where I read this - but Tony said (jokingly) that he had bruises on his back during the bottom of the 9th - everytime someone got on base Pujols was slapping him on the back. You could tell he was having fun! And what a fun game it was!
That was a fun one, and the Cards look like they're having fun, relaxed and winning games. What a time to find your stride, mid-August!
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