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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Game Rants

Update: This post was completed before the game started, make that 32 HRs for Pujols! And 34 for Lee, d'oh! Late Update: Damnit! Every time I talk any trash here it totally backfires. No more. We don't need my mouth running to know that Pujols is way better than Lee, one game and one fluky season do not a good sample make. Besides, Dusty will probably find some way to ruin him. Maybe Dusty will find a way to blame the Cubs' melt down on the media attention around Lee and find a way to get the Tribune Co. to fire him as well. Man, if Chicago fans don't demand Dusty's head on a platter after this year, barring miracles, I don't know what's wrong with them. Waiting for the game to start. I wonder if the Tribune family is deliberately holding up the game on account of a little rain, let the Cubs save some face for a day. Hey, they can’t loose if they can’t play. Finally sneaking in a little time for the Diaspora, here’s my brain dump for the day. More Roids Other than laughing at Palmeiro’s absurdity, I haven’t felt that I could add anything to the MLB ‘roids debate. And then I saw this article on Yahoo sports today, noting the players union and MLB have issued a joint statement to try and combat the rampant speculation out there about steroids. Hmmm, I wonder why in the world anyone could possibly be speculating about that? It seems so irrational, especially when we learn that Raffy’s test results were sat on for a while, players are out with mysterious injuries (Thome) or just aren’t hitting like they did in the past (Beltre). If they want fan speculation to end, then they should test all the players and share the results. That way there is no need for speculation at all. Billy Wagner makes this enlightening quote in the story I linked to above, “It's unfortunate, but that's how society is today. They want to see the big man fall.'' Yeah, Billy that is what most of us had in mind. As fans, we are not disappointed at all that our favorite players, guys we cheer for, even worship, are providing us with fantastic moments and memorable seasons and then lying to us about how they were able to bang out 70 home runs that year. That’s called disappointment and betrayal, Billy, and it breeds contempt. But then again, you wouldn’t know about that when you get $9 million to play for the Phillies, now would you? Will the Real MVP Stand Up? Given the series with the Cubs, and some national TV coverage on Sunday night, one thing we are going to be buggered to death about is the Triple Crown chase. Given the national media establishment’s tastes and preferences, that discussion is bound to center on Cubs’ first baseman Derrek Lee. However, suddenly his triple crown stats are fading away, and steady eddie Albert Pujols continues through the season at his normal, semi-overlooked pace. Let’s go to the stats: Lee Avg: .348 HR: 33 RBI: 84 EqA: .353 EqR: 104 VORP: 78.2 Pujols Avg: .340 HR: 31 RBI: 89 EqA: .350 EqR: 101 VORP: 77.3 I included the non-triple crown stats so you could see the significant lack of difference between the two players that might not be readily obvious in the standard stats. Note that Lee’s Equivalent Average is only 3 points higher than Pujols’ and a mere nine tenths of a run separates their VORP. Now who should be hearing M-V-P chants from the stands?
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