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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Game Notes

"Watching" the game tonight on MLB.com's Gameday (keep waiting for those checks), I noticed Edmonds hit himself a double, his 27th on the season. Edmonds has had 346AB so far this season, in 376 AB through 8/16 of last season, he had 31 doubles. Mulder's having a decent night so far (please don't let me jinx that by mentioning it), and it looks like Ks may out number the BBA tonight. Keep you fingers crossed. VEB, citing a story on Baseball Prospectus, wonders what has happened to Abe Nunez to make this a career year. It got me thinking about what the Cards' front office, scouting and coaching staffs have been able to do with journeymen (Sanders) and guys relegated to the scrap heap of MLB (Nunez). Throughout each of those levels, the Cards have been able to bring some guys in here and get star-like numbers out of them, numbers that are at the "good" end of the performance spectrum for these players. The article on BP points out Nunez is striking out less and walking more. I can't help but think of li'l Tony Womack, who has become a pariah in NY, but whose loss here prompted pundits to wonder how in the world the Cards would be able to compete with the Cubs and Astros without their 2004 second baseman. It's really more of a norm that these type of guys come in here and perform like this, than come in here and get giveaways thrown at them from the peanut gallery. Something to think about. I wondered at the beginning of the season if we would notice a big difference in Hal McRae being the hitting coach this year, but that doesn't seem to be the case either. Certainly, the credit is to be shared by the managers, scouts and coaches, but is there one element that has more of an impact in this than another? Gives you a good bit of confidence in teams taking the field with the Birds on Bat season to season.
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