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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


About those contract negotiations...

Wed, August 3, Card vs. Marlins Matty Mo looks like shit in the early going, with more than 25 pitches his first inning was hardly the model of efficiency, even during the past two losses he was under 100 pitches through 7 and 6 innings respectively. Except for the lead-off home run to the 8th batter, the rest of the inning was much stronger. I can't tell via the web, but I'm wondering if his velocity is off, as surmised by some last game out for the bearded one? If you're lucky enough tobe watching this game, leave a note as to what you think. Edmonds scores! Yes! The veteran has handed Beckett his arse in the past. .545 AVG, 4 RBI, 1 HR 11 At Bats Looks like that trend is continuing, and it also looks like Edmonds is embarking on a fine streak, probably knowing he's got to make up for a slow July and pick up the pace for a team on the mend. Matty Mo has a good line against the Florida Horned Fish, too. 1.20 WHIP, 3.61 ERA, 6 W 52.1 IP Let's hope he gets back on track for that. Mid 4th Well, now that's more like it. Matty Mo gets the best player in the NL not named Pujols to hit into a double play. The retires the order in the top of the fourth with 2K. And Eck homers again! Well, I was starting to wonder there. Morris was looking like the 2004 Morris, and yet, he held in there. I was sure he wouldn't be up to bat in the sixth. He held in and made it to the seventh. And then... Matt Morris: "Where would you like to go to dinner?" So Taguchi: "Chez Panisse, in San Francisco." Morris: "Okay." If Matty Mo has to drop a $K on dinner for Taguchi after saving his bacon in the seventh, it'd be a bargain for him. Had he lost tonight, it would have been the first time in his career that he lost three straight. The game's not over yet, but I have a good feeling about this one. Annnd...done. Nice job. Matty's velocity was up, but now we learn (via the PD this a.m.) he was tipping his curve ball, ah ha! Now, if he can put those two things together for his start on Monday in Milwaukee, he should have a win secured before the sausage races begin, and hopefully a little reminder of who owns the NL Central for Saturday at Wrigley.

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