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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Us and Them

Off to the Apple of Big (actually Westchester County) today, so I'll make a quickie. My topic, because I'm just too brain dead from my shitty job to think much today, will remain potential new Cards. Fro the record, I like Mench the best. Austin Kearns I'm not as high on this guy as others are, but he'd be a fine fourth OF. My concern is with his health, and whether or not he's now got a glass shoulder. The talk here in the nation's capital is that Kearns could be coming to the state without representation. G-Nats' GM Bowden likes him. I wonder what the Nats' farm system has in way of trade chips? Wily Mo Pena Wily go 'round circles...Wily fly high like a bird up in tha sky... Seems to have some genuine talents. Again, I think the asking price would be at least one of our young pitching studs in Memphis. To me, not worth it. See Mench posting below. Randy Winn He's 32, and doesn't seem to fit the bench/platooner role so much. He is a pretty solid producer, but I've just got a gut feeling on him not being "the one." Not much agianst lefties this year either. David Dellucci the poster boy for lasik laser vision surgery. He's better than he used to be, but he ain't that good. Please, if the Cards trade for this guy, we have a real reason to pissed off. Eric Byrnes There was speculation around him earlier this season. He's a worker, a solid OF, but hardly a cornerstone type guy. Talk amongst yourselves.
I'd like to see Johnny Gomes come in with some minor leaguers, and improvement in our backup catching. Maybe Alomar Jr. if Texas waives him.
Honestly, I know we need to ge toyunger in the outfield and all, but none of those names really grab my attention. I mean when someone says "Austin Kearns", I hear Rob Deer. To be fair he's probably better than that, but he just doesn't catch my attention. A few years ago I would have gone for Randy Winn, because I like the speed guys (leftover from the Herzog days I guess). But I haven't heard much about him recently, so I just don't seen anyone out there I really.

Wouldn't mind getting Kotsay though, just because Cubs fans have their hopes set on him. Maybe we could actually give John Gall a chance? Or at least bring Seabol back?
Hi, Ryan et al. I guess I tend to agree with anonymous that this is a poor lot of choices. With a 13 game lead, why jump the gun and make a deal just to make one? It seems to me that the price for any of these guys, both in current players and in future salary, is not worth it. Besides, we can always grab someone before the August 31 deadline if need be. If Walker is healthy and Rolen is Ok, what do we need to add to this lineup? I say wair till the offseason to replace Walker.
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