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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Stream of Conscious, baseball style

Wow! Mark Mulder wasn't the only sweating in St. Louie last night... actually, over the course of a four hour game one can become pretty miserable in the thick air of a summer evening at Busch. The same was true here in DC, and to think I thought MO was hot and humid! Alas, some of that sweat was more the result of that tense 13 inning game that heralded the second half of the 2005 Cardinal baseball season. Mulder seemed to be much improved in the lefty battle last night. I surmise that Duncan has him really working the low stuff to get so many bloody ground outs, resulting in some pilthy K rates, but the ability maintain for eight innings. He might return to the 6 K/9 Mulder, but if I had to make a bet on it I sure wouldn't take the odds. The bullpen became the source of much displaced stomach acid, reclaiming a role it hadn't taken since early May. Izzy, for whom I have been among the faithful and remain, lets one get away in the ninth. Ray King, v.2005, gave the Astros the lead in the 13th. I held out for a long time, but I'm starting to agree with Birdos about Billy Wagner putting on the Birds on Bat. Now, will that happen, personally, I think it's doubtful considering there are a lot of big spenders in need of his talents. One of those big spenders inlcude the "underdog" Red Sox and their approximately $100 million payroll (if you haven't seen my thoughts on the Sox here before let me sum it up again, more obnoxious and annoying than the Yankees). However, Jocketty is a master, and if anyone can find a solid lefty reliever, even one culled from the hinterlands, he can do it. More new roster additions talk... The owie sustained by Reggie last night should have us all a little worried. It is just an ankle sprain and a bruised rib or two, but those are the kind of injuries that can be a little funky (not FUNK-AY). I'm sure he'll be back, and hopefully with the same torrid pace as before the break. However, this does again highlight the need the Birds have for an OF. Sanders is hitting .295 against lefties, with a .945 OPS. The Diaspora knows the Cards' lack of propensity to hit the lefties. I think this increases the priority of the search for another outfielder. Please not Dellucci, please not dellucci... I'm still high on the possibility of Kevin Mench. We'll see. At least we didn't get Preston Wilson; my senses tell me that doesn't help the Nats playoff drive a whole lot. With the baserunning mishaps, bullpen woes, Keystone Cops injuries, etc. from last night, the Cards still won, with Albert Pujols adding another legendary moment to what will one day certainly be legend on par with the baseball greats. They also prevailed agianst an Astros team that has become the media darling of late. We'll see how the rest of the series transpires, but right now I'm not sure whether the 'Stros are for real or just on a good run. Their starting pitching is mighty good, better than the Cubbies in my oppinion. The bats, well, I think they're over achieving lately, but maybe I'm wrong. Right now, I'm playing blogger catch-up after a dry spell and am in one of those write or be damned trains of thought, so I'll visit the stats that may or may not confirm this later. Honestly, I'd be more worried about the Astros or the Cubs in the NLCS than any of the other potentials. I could be wrong though, the Padres did a number on us early in the season, but the Birds weren't really firing on all ten cylinders. Are they now, though? I think alot of the junk playing seen last night can be attributed to the long layoff, letting your head out of eat, sleep, breathe baseball mentality for four days of rest, at home too. As nuerotic of a fan as I can be sometimes, a game with a few baserunning boners or an error or two doesn't put any extra points on my blood pressure since it's not really a trend. Not hitting well against lefties or bullpen meltdowns, well, that's more of a reason to jump in the car and head down to Gerbes for some time at the free blood pressure machine. In DC, those would probably cost $10. In fact, the potential weakness up the middle that was so often pointed to at the beginning of the season now looks a little unfounded. Alright, the stream of consciousness has faded with interuptions such as breakfast and the coffee buzz starting to fade away, so I'll end this post. This is going to be a telling home stand with the Astros, Brewers and finishing off with the Second City Cubs. Check back to see if optimism is fullfilled or to find out if it has even been warranted.
IF we can get him without giving up too terribly much, I still want Wily Mo Pena - a 23 yr old, hits lefties, with a cheap contract.
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