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Friday, July 22, 2005


Second City Madman comes to town.

Zambrano vs. Carpenter tonight. Zambrano's looked pretty good his last few games after a string of meltdowns. I wonder if we'll see super crazy Zambrano tonight, maybe he'll give one of his freaked out performances where he needs to be restrained and carted away in a straight jacket. I don't like this guy. Have you noticed a few of the league's big sluggers not having such a great year? Me wonders a bit if there's an adjustment time in coming learning how to play again without the aid of artificial substances in the body. It's interesting to see the struggles of Thome, Beltran, Sosa, Palmerio and others. Beltran seems to be coming back aournd now, re-learning the game and getting used to relying on his talent again. Thome's out still, and we'll how he responds when he gets back. Now, to be fair, I had to ask myself if this applied to any current Cardinals. Certainly not Albert, but the most obvious one was Jim Edmonds. I don't think this is relevant to Edmonds. Obviously, as a fan you don't want to accept that. Anyone else still have a bad taste in their mouth for McGwire? While Edmonds may be in a bit of slump, he's not too far off his career averages; except for his power numbers being a little low, I think a great deal of it can be attributed to age. He's on pace for about 450 or so at-bats, 27 HRs, 90 RBI, and .270/.390/.530. All of which are a little lower, but the slugging is the most significant, about 70 points off his three year average. It certainly looks more like a slump to me than anything else. Will be away for a long weekend, so there probably won't be much activity here. Monday, we'll have a reaction to the Cubs series, and maybe reaction to a trade? maybe?
Your blog is weak like the cardinals against the Cubs last weekend. Your city sucks, the fans are toothless inbreds, and the Cubs are gonna kick the Card's ass in the 3 series left between them. Enjoy listening to Nelly and drinking Bud cause thats all you will have left when the Cubs roll over the Cards.
Later You Hicktown Yokels.
Stan the Man was gay.
The only thing that could have made it more appropriate to Chicago would be a racist comment. Steve Bartman for life, yo! What kind of pathetic franchise has to use a curse for an excuse in the wake of year after year of shitty management...
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