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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Offense, Antacid Wanted

Peavy's killing us tonight. Edmonds has 3K, as many K as Marquis through 7. If the game goes extra innings, maybe Edmonds can get 4 BB, too. On a positive note, Marquis is holding his own through 8 innings; hey, we need his bat in the line up. What's wrong with this team right now? Obviously, injuries is a factor, but I don't think we can hang all of our problems on that. For instance, Edmonds is hitting .180 for the month of July. Eck is .210 with a .273 OBP, not exactly what you want to see out of your lead off hitter. Having Sanders back in the lineup would be huge, Walker if he were playing like a healthy player, and even Yaddie's bat would be a boost right now. The frustrating thing about Edmonds, is that he's slumping at the wrong time. This is when a guy like him is supposed to pick it up a little bit, at least hit above the Mendoza. (Think that's why they waved Albert home in the first inning tonight?) The injuries kill us because the bench went from being a bench to a platoon of full-time replacement players, not to mention a solid bench getting exposed to major league data collectors and giving video guys more tape to analyze than Paris Hilton. The starting pitching, well, I don't know. Carpenter is stellar. Morris, I'm confident in, but am awaiting his next start to relax after the shaky show Saturday. The others... Suppan is doing what he is supposed to do. Of course he's not blowing anyone away, but, as I have said before, he comes in and gives the offense a chance to win the game with pitching that is solid enough. Mulder, looks good on paper. He's certainly resilient enough to drink Duncan's medicine, and pitch well enough to get through whatever mechanical issues he is facing. Marquis is a bit dissapointing. His stats aren't far off last year, but one expects a little improvement. And his K/9 and K/BB ratios are down this year. All in all, it's not bad. I guess a limping offense exposes them somewhat, but is it going to be sufficient for the postseason? I might point out again how well Houston is doing now. I'm not as worried about the pen as some others in Cardinal nation, but a solid lefty would be a good addition. All in all, my feelings are that we go back to being a good team in September when we get all of our guys back. I wonder now if Jock is holding tight, optomistically thinking about how the Birds look when Reggie and Larry come back and we have J-Rod and Gall as back ups. But is that going to be enough? There are a lot of x factors at work here. I guess I'll take it one day at a time, see what happens before Sunday's deadline, and stock up on the Pepcid AC.
First of all, we would never face the Astros or Cubs in a 5 game series, only a 7 game since we couldn't see them in the first round. Also, Pujols was not being waved home in the first inning tonight. You could clearly see Oquendo telling him to stop but Al just kept on running.
I realize that, but my point was more that until we get healthy or something breaks these teams are playing better baseball. It looked to me like Jose was waving him home, but who knows... the fact remains, this could have conceivably been done to get try and get the run since Edmonds is slumping. I don't disagree with the play at all, it still wasn't a bad idea to try and test the Padres defence.
And until we get healthier and get some of our main players back - I am watching Houston closely folks. Kind of scary! They are playing great ball right now and are only 9 games back now. All it takes is some slumpy games from us and them winning and they are right back in that division. Come on Cards - let's keep the wins going!

Last nights game with the win in the 9th - and the last series game we played with the Cubbies when the GS was hit - what is scary about that is that reminds me of the Cards last year - that's the kind of games they played and always won. We need to get back to that level of playing/winning. Even with the bench players for now - they are going to have to step it up a notch!

Julie C.
you're right. i sincerely hope that J-Rod and Gall can become decent enough outfielders, they already look better than the once touted Marlon Byrd.
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