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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Holy Sheets!

Well, well, well...looks like our dear Albert is having quite a HR streak, 2 run shot off Sheets. I had really just glossed over him, not wanting to be a part of another St. Louis Bo Hart fan frenzy, but this John Rodriguez kid is on fire. Is he legit or just a 27 year old kid excited to finally be playing in the show? Stay tuned. Sheets has been banged up. He does have 6K, 0BB, but has given up 3 earned runs and four hits, two dingers. Mulder now has 2K, 2BB, 4 hits against, the more telling sign is that he's given up 11 ground outs to 7 fly outs. That's not an awful ratio, and I know that he's been an effectve pitcher, but this still is tending toward mediocrity. But hell, if this is mediocrity, I'll take it.
Hey Ryan! Long time! If Mulder were the Number One we were throuwing against Clemens, Maartinez, Prior et al, I would be extremely worried and upset! But hey, as a number 3 or 4, I'm comfortable with him. When we get to the playoffs, I feel pretty good about Mulder against most teams third starter. As for J-Rod, let's hope this train keeps running until Reggie is back. Other than that, I refuse to get the slightest bit excited! Keep up the posts!
that's the best policy.
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