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Saturday, July 30, 2005



Hidly ho Redbird-a-rino's! I'm filling in for Ryan today here at the website. Given that I'm li'l bit of Cardnilino's fan, it was a good fit, except I'm not quite the negative nilly that Ryan can be sometimes. Allright-a-roo, let's get sloggin' on the bloggin'. First off, Jim Edmonds is a bit of a tear lately. Counting today, and the San Diego series, well sir, it's going to put him above the Mendoza line for July. Statistically speaking, July has been Edmonds' best month, with his three year average (02-04) at .326/.431/.734. So, that's got me a wondering, maybe he's going to take right off in August, where is three year average sits right at .281/.413/.543. Yessir, trends are made to broken just as sure as God made little green apples. He hit his 19th homer today, so let's just say our prayers that he keeps that up, (finger crossing is a sin). Over his past three games, which I know isn't many, Edmonds is .333/.467/.833 with 2 HR and 7 RBI. That's one of his best three game spans of the year, and that's pretty gosh darn good! (Excuse me for the potty mouth language). Now, everybody's talking about all these trades given the time of year that it is. If the Cardinals make a move that would be okely dokely. We'll see. It's been great being here, maybe I'll come back in the future. Bye now neighborinos!
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