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Friday, June 10, 2005


Sweet Mullet, Dude!

Ah the Yankees are in town. As much as I hate interleague play (thank God we don't have to endure the curse vs. curse crap in Chicago this weekend), this is somewhat exciting. Saturday's game is nationally televised, and since it's already as hot and sticky in DC as it ever got in MO (and it gets bad there), it's going to be a nice weekend to sit inside, bask in the air conditioning and watch the game. Fortunately for me, it's the Mulder versus Johnson match-up. Hence, it's time for a comparison of the two. However, rather than give you the stat by stat breakdown of the two (CardNilly has a good comparison), I'd like to compare a different aspect of the two lefties. Mullet vs. Pretty Boy Platinum Okay, okay, so Johnson doesn't really have a mullet anymore, but man back in the Seattle days the guy looked like Buffalo Bill. Check this out. And here the man is in action. Jeez, look at this one, was the baseball card company trying to sell those things in Oklahoma?! Alright, alright, I'll ease up on the guy, after all I'm sure I've had some sweet haircuts over the years (Confession: I had a rat tail in elementary school, but my mother made me cut if off). Nevertheless, even in Southern Missouri we knew by the early ninties that the Camaro Crash Helment was way out of vogue, for those of us not burning meth. Ah, but check out this gem from 2001, apparently the mullet was gone, but the mulletude was not! Rock on, Randy, classic rock rules! I myself wondered though, when he signed with New York if that weren't all in his past. Nope. As this famous incident recalls, you can take the man out of the mullet but not the mulletude out of the man. Compare that to the Cards' lefty ace, Mark Mulder. Despite the first three letters of his name, Mulder has nothing in common with the Mullet, it's not just the platinum highlighted hair or the classic mid-western square jaw, it's what he doesn't have...mulletude. No matter how caustic the press gets (and NY is the worst, we'll give the Big Unit that) Mulder puts on a good presser, keeps his cool and doesn't mind the occasional photo with a fan. That said, this will be good to watch. A power pitcher like Johnson is always interesting to watch, and I plan on paying particular attention to their deliveries, as I noticed some differences looking through the Google image search for mullet pictures, et al. For more information about the mullet, visit Mullets Galore.
Man, I love Mullets Galore!! What a riot. I'm still laughing over those Unit pix. Thanx for brightening my day. And fear not, the "business in the front, party in the back" mulletude is still healthy and thriving in ole St.Lou. I haven't been to a game in 20 years where there wasn't at least one incredible mullet within spitting distance. I wish I had a scanner--I'd send ya a couple photos from games this year alone. Too funny!!
whoo! party on!
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