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Monday, June 13, 2005


MJ or DH?

I had a post all worked up, and was even fixin' to write it. Since then, however, I saw that the Jackson verdict will be announced at 4:45pm EDT, and my energies have shifted to making various crass and inappropriate Michael Jackson jokes, all while hanging on the venerable whims of the 12 angry, bored (and soon to be quite rich) members of the Jackson jury. How is this important? How is this related at all to our beloved Cardinals and their quest for glory? Well, it's about as important and interesting as a series against the Toronto Blue Jays, followed by another one against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, inter-league play is inane, a waste of time, promoted only for the sake of television ratings...much like the Michael Jackson trial. Who will DH for the Birds? What will the verdict be? Will Juror number three be able to fill in for Larry Walker agianst right handed pitching? The Blue Jays sit in the middle of the pack in the AL East, at 31-32, pretty much where you might expect them to be in that division in a year when the Yankees are struggling. According to their expected wins and losses (pythagenport), they should be closer to 33-30. They just got swept by Houston on a road trip where they went 8-5, dropping series' to Seattle and Oakland, while picking up two out of three at Wrigley Field (yeah!). They're 14-12 at home, but the Cards have been a great road team this year going 19-10 so far. In the two weeks ahead, the Cards will face the Jays, Devil Rays, the Reds and then back home for four games against the Pirates. Let's hope this is a period of time for discovery and renewal of old relationships between certain players and their bats, reconnecting, as it were, with more productive days at the plate (Walker, et al, you know who I'm talking about).
The real question is which is a bigger pile of nonsense: Michael Jackson or the DH rule?
And AL defense is similar to homeland security
Inter-league play is GOOD!

#1 reason- The Redbirds are something like 20 and 4 in the last 24 games....(sweet way to establish a lead in the Central)...

#2 reason- It gives us some practice against the leagues top notch pitchers (Johnson, Wells, Halladay) so maybe someday we might be better equipped to SCORE A RUN off of one of them when it actually matters (All Star or the fall classic)

#3 reason- It gives the National League a little bragging rights despite repeatedly getting killed in the All-Star game and all-time World Series..(how does that work anyway?)
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