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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Live update, STL @ CIN, 6/22/05

You know, normally Mulder's performance through two would bother me all that much. But Mulder's done little lately to assure the fan's concerns about his pitching ability. What's wrong? Is there anything wrong at all, or is it just a overreacting to the fact that he's given up 14 earned runs in his last four starts, including today's? Obviously, that post was made earlier in the 2nd. I would now like to say, what the Hell is Mulder's problem? All the speculation about the Cards making a move for relief pitchers or young outfielders, forget it, we may need to worry about getting another starter is Marquis and Mulder are going to be erratic, or just plan crappy. Yeah, I'm down on Mulder, but who wouldn't be, he was the great hope for the team this year. I want him to succeed and am not gunning for the front office to pull the plug on him, but his performance is unacceptable. Maybe it's just a slump and he and Dunc can work through it. God, I hope.
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