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Thursday, June 09, 2005


It must have been cold there in RF

I don't mean to harsh on the guy too much, after all, I've enjoyed watching Larry Walker play baseball since my college days just up the road from Coors Field. However, his performance is, well, a little dissapointing. The month is young still, but Walker is hitting .158, with a .273 OBP, and a really abysmal .263 slugging percentage. Granted this only represents 19 at-bats, but this, to me, is as much cause for concern as the bullpen was earlier this season. The difference here, though, is that has been in a full on slump since the season began (and spring training, if memory serves me correctly). These June numbers don't just represent some blip on the radar in the past few weeks. I don't know what's the matter with Walker; it's hard to tell, especially when you don't get to see a ton of games (thanks to last night's rain delay the game was nixed on ESPN, not that Larry played anyway). I know he's had slumps before, the last major one being in 2003 when he hit .284 and had his lowest SLG since 1993 with a .476 mark. He's also not exactly known for having 600 at-bats in a season, but he can typically hit the ball a little better than his current .245 average on the season. Is he playing through an injury? I'm not ready to begin any "dump the chump" talk just yet, but I do wonder if Walt will shop him around, even casually. I doubt it gets too serious, since he's got a pretty hefty salary, etc. We'll wait and see where those stats go in the rest of this month.
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