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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Hey, man. You got the stuff?

Mostly, I'm making this post because it's been a bad week and I wanted to make a Cheech and Chong reference out of the need to laugh. To do this, I am using another interesting stat covering Cards' nation subject du jour, Mark Mulder. That stat is "Stuff" (STF), and it's essentially the measure of a pitcher's overall dominance, based on strikeout rates, walk rates, home run rates, runs allowed, and innings per game. "10" is the league average, while "0" is replacement player level. [here's the formula] Mulder's STF: 2005: 6 2004: 6 2003: 17 2002: 18 Obviously, Mulder's never been a big strike out pitcher (Carpenter's 2005 STF is 31), so we would never anticipate a huge number in that category. However, the significant drop does point to his recent decline and the mechanical failures that have buggered him since last season. Reiterating the point, "Dave's not here, man!" ... and niether is Mark.
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