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Monday, June 20, 2005


He only did what he had to do.

You would think that I might have saved a "Pancho and Lefty" reference for another post, like maybe say one about a Left-handed pitcher... But instead, I've used it for a note about Jeff Suppan, aka the Cards' least exciting starting pitcher. At first, looking at his line from Sunday's game, I cringed. Five earned runs on seven hits and three walks issued...ughh. But you know, that's what a fifth starter does. He goes out gives a decent enough performance 6 or so innings and keeps it close enough so that the offense (when it's an offense like ours) can win the game. And looking at his numbers, he's pretty consistent to what he turned in for the Cards last year. Check it out here. Supe would be more than a fifth starter on lots of other teams, any NL Central team as of today would make him number two or three. The point here, Supe's 4.xx ERA is pretty much on par. Now, Mulder's 4.xx ERA...that's a problem. --- Tonight the Redbirds are in the town of Cincinnati, home of Pure Prairie League, and the scene for some memorable episodes of Cops (I'll never forget a crack/prostitution bust that occurred in an abandoned car on an episode in that city). Some quick stats, courtesy of Yahoo! sports. Col. Reggie Sanders vs tonight's Reds' pitcher, Aaron Harang. 3 HR, 8 RBI, .333 BA in 15 at-bats. Carpenter vs. the Reds 0.84 WHIP, 2.20 ERA, 8.50 k/gm in 28.2 innings pitched. Carpenter is dominant this year. I really thought he would be good, but this is way more than I expected.
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